A, well one was way back in 1976, when I was driving a works assisted mazda rx3, fitted with a rotary engine, we were at Silverstone. It was a 28 lap race on the old club track, the winning car that BTCC, season, was ‘rouse’, in a triumph dolomite, rouse and his mate winging mansell, had done me over proper on purpose a week earlier at Mallory, so I was still steaming and well on the warpath, I never believed all that stuff about revenge being eaten of a cold plate, I wanted revenge pronto, so rouse was on my hit list next time out.

The race started, and although i could easily stay with rouse, and led a few times, to get up his nose, I dropped in behind, and tracked him inches away, for virtually the whole 28 laps, going by on the inside on the last corner on the last lap, that rubbed it in, and setting a lap record that lasted for 4 years. It was quite some race, and is very well covered in minute detail in my book, ‘last train to Cockfosters’, mind you Andy ‘Pandy’ rouse wouldn’t like it, but then it’s only the truth that upsets people, am I right?

From SJ of Andover, Hants.